Are plastic bags a threat to environmental issues?

Plastic bags have become a part and parcel of our lives starting from storing cooked items of close to a week to toting your knickknacks bought from a roadside stall to keep your hands free. Also, we often secure our DVDs or testimonials raptly within plastic folders. While preparing our itineraries for a long journey, we often stuff our victuals inside plastic lunch boxes or zip lock bags.

But, do you know these plastic bags have a darker side also and the numerous problems they thrust upon civilization loom larger with each passing day?

Plastic is essentially made of fossil fuel sources i.e. petroleum and natural gases and therefore has toxic effects on our environment. The harmful chemicals of plastic bleed into our landfills and water bodies and pollute them. Plastic is not decomposable and that it why it cannot be completely perished no matter how much we vouch for using degradable plastic components

With a little awareness you will be able to combat the growing plastic problem and make an impact on your environment which it at the butts of danger.

Impact on animals
Midway Atoll in the North Pacific Ocean is home to the biggest albatross community on Planet Earth. These birds fly to the islands in search of food for their offspring. Unfortunately the mortality rate of the Albatross have increased by leaps and bounds because of ingesting large amount of plastic that are mixed in the soil of the region. An estimated rate of plastic accumulation is close to 4 tonnes per day. Floating plastic shards are often mistaken as jellyfish by the other marine animals that live on this fish and succumb to death. Also, animals often swallow plastics floating on water bodies and therefore cannot digest the real food they intake. As a result, the animals die a gradual death sue to starvation.

Litter problem
Plastic bags and other components are becoming stubborn debris of our environment. Every year the government of Australia spends 200$ for picking up the debris that are built up due to accumulation of plastic. As a result, unbarred use of plastic use will lead to amassing of such detrimental debris in our environment.

Greenhouse gas
Using at least ten light weight plastic bags every week leads to more than three times Greenhouse Gas effect than using of a reusable “green bag”. According to a research by University of Hawaii, plastic may release gases that heat up the climate as soon as they are exposed to light. Also poisonous gases like ethane and methane are also released due to such exposure of plastic to light

Problematic recycling of plastic bags
No matter how much you are conscious about using recyclable plastic bags, in reality these bags cannot be fully decomposed. Using three arrow ticks as a recyclable symbol is in most cases a marketing trick adopted by the plastic manufacturing companies. Plastic shopping bags attribute to blocking of drainage system particularly in the developing countries.

Besides all the above mentioned effects, plastics attribute health risk to human population by leaching toxins into water supplies. The list goes unending. It is high time that we are aware of the demerits of random use of plastic in our everyday life and choose objects that are organic and biodegradable.

Cotton Bag Ideas for Spring 2019

2018 had been a year of creativity for Amanasia and they are looking forward to carrying on their legacy of bringing in new ideas and patterns in their various productions. This year’s collections are almost ready for shipping and the company is anticipating a binge in their turnover breaking all the records of the years bygone. Much has been bespoken about the lucrative advantages of our bags that make them more than just a necessity for their users.

However, our creativity and honest gesture to give you something convenient and standout do not stop here. Therefore, this year we are here to launch our cotton bags for ‘Spring 2019’ collection with a vision of protest against the proliferating use of plastic bags and products. Plastic bags as we all know is probably affecting as the biggest threat to our Mother Nature and its habitats. As a result, these bags are banned in various states of India as per the diktat of the ruling government there. Buyers are falling for cloth bags that are not durable and sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy objects. Amanasia bags comes into play exactly at this juncture when you in desperate need of something sturdy and comprehensive. Moreover, plastic bags those are seen to float on the rivers or are trapped within the layers of earth take hundreds of years for their natural decomposition. Due to that, tremendous water and soil pollution are caused which is arguably the biggest threat to our environment.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, its no longer true as Amanasia cotton bags have straight away replaced diamonds with their stunning designs, faithful utility, durability factor and to top it all the price quotient. Since the last decade fashionistas, and the green gurus have recognised our recyclable bags as a positive and stern measure to combat against use of plastic bags. Amanasia is one among the few companies who are committed to abide by Corporate Social Responsibility by launching their biodegradable bags and folders and spread the word among the buyers and non-buyers. Amanasia cotton bags are also used by some of the leading organisations as a customer giveaway in their promotional events to showcase the skill and creativity of the in-house designers of the company.

Our cotton bags do not only send a powerful message, the turnover of the investment of cotton bags is huge as these bags can be used and reused once purchased. Also, the basic style promotional bags with a screen pint are economic and still have gorgeous look. Taken everything together, the production of cotton bags are cheaper than the plastic bags and have a higher rate of decomposition than that of plastic bags. If hygiene is an issue, you are just a wash away for its next use.

Our cotton tote bags were designed to combat the no-space issue of shoulder bags. Whether you are going for a weakened trip with friends or to the nearby supermarket for buying grocery Amanasia cotton tote bags can serve as a single holdall in which you can fit in everything from toothbrush to laptop and you are all set!

Amanasia Denim Bags

Amanasia is one of the largest fabric based bag manufacturer of India. In a very short period of time, the company has acquired name and fame as a brand in its ‘denim bags’ segment having more than 50+ varieties in the market and still counting.

Amanasia Denim bags have become a popular alternative for plastic bags as the former do not cause the environmental harm as they are made of recyclable materials. However, denim bags are not only for the environmentally-conscious consumer but also for those who want to have an access to the standout items when it comes to accessories. Unlike all other brands Amanasia denim bags usually come with a nominal price, but the advantages of reusing such bags outweigh this small cost.

Amanasia Denim bags are thicker than plastic bags, which make them strong enough to be used again and again. Some types of denim bags have a stiff cardboard insert in the base that adds additional stability. In general, denim bags are larger than plastic bags, so they are capable of holding larger items. Plastic grocery store bags can also be reused; however, punctures or overloading can render a thin plastic bag unusable.

Amanasia Denim bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic. Cotton, hemp or jute shopping bags are made from renewable natural fibers, unlike propylene plastic bags that are made from limited fossil fuels. The process used to create plastic releases contaminant by-products into the atmosphere and the end product does not biodegrade for hundreds of years. Amanasia Denim bags are woven from thread made from plants and since Amanasia denim is a plant product, denim bags are ultimately biodegradable, although most consumers choose to reuse the denim bags.

Unlike plastic bags that are often transparent and decorated with a store logo, denim bags are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that can match your personal style. Denim bags need not be used only for shopping; they make an attractive tote for carrying a variety of everyday items. Designer Amanasia denim bags are available in more than 50+ of colors, shapes and sizes that can easily match with your personal style.

Amanasia denim bags also offer the opportunity to make a style statement about green living through advertisement of green retailers or organizations.

Amanasia denim bags come with magnetic snap clasps to keep the bag closed and the extra pockets help maintain smaller items organized properly. All seams are double stitched to ensure that the bag and handles can help carrying heavy items quite simply. Magnetic button snaps can be used if favored to maintain the bag collectively while in use. All outside pockets are also very spacious that can hold your essential knickknacks. Due to their trendy look, Amanasia denim tote bags are used as a handy substitute for shoulder bags. They are top with many outfits; this is some other motive why the bags have great appearance.

To know more about Amanasia denim bags or for any other query, please email us at the address given at our website.

Customised canvas bags for every occasion

When it comes to getting something ethnic and one-of-its-kind for your own use or gifting someone on their special day, Amanasia has to be your wisest option. For every occasion we have a wide range of bags which we customize as per your desire and requirement. We assure you of delivering your order within the scheduled time no matter what design you choose for your canvas or cotton bags.

Our canvas and cotton bags are available in landscape orientation which means these bags have a larger than normal print area. For an extra brand visibility, we give digital print on the 15 cm gusset on each side of your bag. While others have to take their pick from scratch, Amanasia lets your imagination go wild and fulfils them in the best affordable price. Our system generated designer tool picks up the best price printing technique depending on your design.

Why not give your imagination a chance to be fulfilled and appreciated by everyone?

With the winter festivities round the corner, you must be planning to buy gifts for your loved ones. To make your wishes fulfilled Amanasia’s brings customized bags to which you can add your own innovation and make your gift extra special.

What speciality in Amanasia canvas bags?

Amanasia gives you a chance to be your own designer and get your favourite images imprinted on your bag. For that you just need to upload an image from your mobile or laptop and then crop the image as per your choice.

We bring a wide variety of customized bags for the Christmas and New Year. A whole library of images is dedicated for the festive season ranging from special Christmas or New Year message for your loved one to religious images that will impress someone elderly.

We also have customized tote bags that you can gift someone to stock gifts that keep pilled on during an occasion or festival. Unlike other manufacturers we take extra care to print your chosen image digitally in the big print area of our tote bags. Receiving Amanasia’s customized tote bag as a Christmas gift can really make your Christmas an unforgettable one.

Need more than 500 bags?

Amanasia is one of the leading manufacturers of canvas and cotton bags who supply their products across the globe through their online selling service. We proudly claim ourselves to be the only company who use digital print for their bags.

Whether one or one lakh, we are always ready to fulfil your desire with our team of expert designers and large manufacturing unit. We assure you of giving unique designs for each and every piece of product that you order.

You can choose your designs from our list of print options and colour combination from our catalogues that are made by our trained textile designers. Some of our best sellers in the canvas bag category are- heavyweight canvas bags, tote bags, draw string bags, tote bags and promotional bags.

Amanasia believes in proving the best customization service to anyone who chooses to buy our product. We set new standard of goals every day and strive to reach them with confidence.