World Environment Day 2019

World Environment Day 2019

On 5th June 1974 the United Nations started observing World Environment Day to raise global awareness about our role in protecting nature and doing something to prevent the destruction of our natural resources. World Environment Day is a platform that outreaches people of all the countries of the world to convey their agenda each yearrelated to our environment and Mother Nature. The motto of the day is precisely to do “something” to keep our environment healthy and sustainable. Although most of the endeavours are taken at local, regional and national levels, you can always choose to do your own bit to keep your environment clean and pollution free.

Every year the United Nations chooses a theme that highlights a pressing environmental problem of the world. This year’s World Environment Day theme was “air pollution”. The official observation of the theme is hosted by a country each year. In the gala ceremony, the host country highlights itsenvironmental hazards and supports the aid and measures adopted by different countries to address the problem. This year’s host country was China.

The Government of China has committed to observe the World Environment Day  across different cities of the country with the main event being hosted at Hangzhou in the Zhejiang province. In the annual ceremony a report was published containing the details of air pollution control in China in the last 20 years. With its booming green energy sector, China has emerged in the global map as a climate leader. The country boasts fairly of owning the entrepreneurship to 99% of the world’s electric buses and 50% of the world’s electric vehicles. The government aims at showcasing its awareness in combating air pollution in China. The whole event was chaired by Li Ganjie Minister of Ecology and Environment and attended by more than 1,100 participants.

Important facts about air pollution

  • More than 92 percent of the global population do not breathe clean air.
  • Air pollution costs the global economy about 5 trillion dollars every year on welfare issues.
  • Staple crop yields is expected to be reduced by 26 percent due to ground level ozone pollution by 2030.

The UN Environment is a leading global voice which deals with issues related to our environment. It works with the governmental, non-governmental, private and other UN bodies to build strong leadership and partnership in inspiring and empowering the global population to protect nature and ensure quality living for future generations.

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