Prevent Plastic Pollution and Save Life on Earth

Prevent Plastic Pollution and Save Life on Earth

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our civilization. Plastic deposition has reached the crisis point whose evidence is clearly borne by the oceans. Every year an estimated amount of 12 million metric tons of plastic wastes enter into the oceans endangering the aquatic lives.  The effect of plastic contamination in sea water has perpetrated into the food chain of the sea to the extent that trace amount of such wastes are found in our lip-smacking seafood platters also.

Similarly plastic is taking a massive toll on our ecological balance as it cannot be digested by Earth. It happens due to single-use plastics that are recurrently stodging up our landfills, choking our drainage system and finally contaminating into nature. The problem created by the corporate honchos must be met with strict rejection of plastic products and the onus should be taken up by each one of us.Its time to reject things that end up destroying our natural resources for a lifetime and bring about innovative changes in our lifestyle that will protect our planet and help flourish.

Need some ideas to do your bit in putting an end to plastic pollution?

Here’s a list of simple individual actions you can take to prevent plastic pollution in your area:

  1. Say NO to single use plastic items whenever possible e.g. plastic takeaway containers, plastic carry bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic lids etc. Instead, use biodegradable utensils such as wooden forks, reusable water bottle, cloth bags etc.
  2. Collect facts about this burning problem from all possible sources. Join seminars, movements against plastic use, tell your shopkeeper not to give commodities in plastic wrap and do everything within your means to put a check to proliferation of plastic in your daily life.
  3. Avoid consuming package food and drink as they are mostly wrapped in plastic bottles or containers and preserved by using chemicals that are often toxic for your health. Instead, cook “real food” and eat them fresh whenever possible.
  4. Ask your waiter to serve your coffee in a ceramic mug instead of the plastic use-and-throw containers. Many shops have ceramic coffee mugs but they use them only on request.
  5. DO NOT use personal care products made of plastic micro beads. Products like toothpaste and body wash contain tiny plastic particles that land up accumulating in our waterways.
  6. Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic fibre as they contain fine plastic particles. They contaminate in the water of ponds, lakes, rivers and other waterways when you wash them.
  7. Talk to your friends, relatives and neighbours about plastic pollution and its detrimental effect on our environment. You can also join clean up campaigns near your location to raise mass awareness.
  8. Build up a strong bond with nature by using more organic products e.g. wooden toys, glass jars, paper bags, jute bags and clothes made from natural fibres.

Only together can we achieve our goal of making a plastic free world!

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