Air pollution and its natural remedies

Air pollution and its natural remedies

Air pollution was the highlighted topic of this year’s World Environment Day. High concentrations of toxic gases and other pollutants mixed in our atmosphere lead to global warming with its harmful effects on plant and animal kingdom. Environmentalists are trying to find effective methods to arrest air pollution by implementing remedies that will include nature in our everyday life.

Trees play a pivotal role in air purification by absorbing toxic gases and releasing oxygen. So, the first step towards pollution free atmosphere is to arrest deforestation and plant more trees to make a green earth.

How is air pollution caused?

The chief cause of air pollution is industrial wastes for example,  burning of greenhouse gases, contamination of toxic chemicals in air, water and soil and lack of absorption of toxic particles in air. Contamination of air pollutants is higher in the countries with big manufacturing industries as in Bangladesh, India and China. Also, crowded and urban areas have been recorded the highest rate of air pollution.

Emission of toxic gases from vehicles also contribute hugely in air pollution. In the developing countries burning of wood and charcoal as fuel and deforestation add to the escalating pollution in air and every year these countries are exceeding the danger level.

How do trees prevent air pollution?

Forests across the world absorb one third of pollutant emissions every year. Pollutant gases viz. Nitrogen Oxides, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide do not settle on the leaves of trees as they absorb these toxic gases through their stomata. Thus our atmospheric air is filtered from these chemicals and we can breathe in fresh oxygen. Trees also mitigate the greenhouse effect which is the main cause behind global warming. Trees trap heat radiated by our Earth’s surface and reduce ozone levels of our atmosphere thus releasing fresh oxygen. So, it is high time that we plant more trees and save our planet from the harmful effects of the toxicchemicals and gases.

What is Ecosia? Can it prevent air pollution?

Ecosia is the program of committed afforestation and raising awareness about the role of trees in protecting our planet. We need to preserve the pristine forestsof Earth as they are our biggest defence against pollution.

Trees that reduce air pollution

Trees in general play a pivotal role in protecting our atmosphere against the harmful effects of pollution. However, there are some trees that have higher rate of absorbing toxic gases and chemicals and releasing more oxygen into air. We should aim at planting these trees as a part of afforestation programs in our blocks, villages, roadsides, offices and even houses:

  • Mediterranean Hackberry
  • Turkey Oak
  • Neem
  • Largeleaf Linden
  • Silk Cotton
  • Field Elm
  • Littleleaf Linden
  • Pipal
  • Gulmohar
  • Ginko
  • Jamun
  • Devdar
  • Champa
  • Saptaparni

Trees play a significant role in reducing emission of toxic industrial wastes. They are a powerful and exhaustive source of wellness for all living  creatures.

So, take a pledge today to plant more trees for a greener and healthier world to live in!

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