Slogans And Messages

1. “Stand by Mother Earth"
2. “Create a Green World Around You"
3. “Recycling Creates Magic"
4. “Mother Nature Connects Us All"
5. “Save Environment Save Life"
6. “Destroy Nature = Destroy Life Save Nature = Save Life"
7. “Love Nature Love Life"
8. “Nature is your ultimate home.”
9. “Escape into Nature, Don't Run Away From It!”
10. “Recycling is Preserving"
11. “Preserve Natural Resources, Make the World a Better Place to Live in"
12. “Recycling Gives a Pollution Free World”
13. “Go Organic!”
14. “Recycling is the ultimate way to return to Mother Nature”
15. “Preserve green, prevent pollution"
16. “Earth provides your needs"
17. “Return to Nature, its your Ultimate Home"
18. “Protect Green, Prevent Global Warming"
19. “Nature is beautiful, Be its Protector"
20. “Life Begins with Nature”
21. “Save the trees…save the world”
22. “I am not a plastic bag”
23. “Save our babies”
24. “My grocery bag is made of cotton. What’s yours?”
25. “We need trees!”
26. “This is what my parents gave me…This is what I intend to give my kids.”
27. “Proud to be an ENVIRONMENTALIST”
28. “Proud to be a NATURALIST”
30. “I love our planet green”
31. “Don’t give me plastic…It will be my last meal!”
32. “Organic shopping saves our planet”
33. “Be a little more responsible to save Mother Nature.”
34. “One Tree Saves Thousand Lives”
35. “Nurture plants, prosper civilization “
36. “Say NO to plastic use”
37. “Denim bags define your style quotient”
38. “Being natural gives you the best look”
39. “Go with nature, be ahead of time”
40. “Natural look never goes out of date”
41. Preserve green; preserve civilization
42. “Nature is the greatest magician”
43. “Say NO to chemicals YES to organic bags”
44. “Nature blesses everyone”
45. “Don't be cruel to nature, it needs your care”
46. “Recycling means something new is waiting for you”
47. “Nature is your best friend”
48. “Planting a tree= planting hope.”
49. “Love nature, you will never be disappointed.”
50. “A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one.”
51. “Plant the right seeds your tomorrow is secured.”
52. “Plants respond to your touch- handle them with care.”
53. “A plant is the powerhouse of nutrients.”
54. “Don't judge each day with the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”
55. “A garden is a great teacher.”
56. “Gardening is the purest of all human pleasures.”
57. “A garden is the place where we meet Nature halfway.”
58. “Trees are my best friends”
59. “Don’t kill us, we give you joy”
60. “Trees are our homes, don’t cut them.”
61. “We pledge for 2020 to save mother nature and save mother earth. ”
62. “Our Earth is home to millions of lives: save earth save life”
63. “A little effort of yours will make the earth a better place to live in.”
64. “Let the new year 2020 mark the beginning of a green revolution.”
65. “Life exists only on Earth: Save her, protect her!”
66. “Save trees-save earth- save universe”
67. “Save mother earth for your future generations.”
68. “Saving Earth means securing your future.”
69. “Plant more trees. It makes Mother Earth happy and green.”
70. “Mother Earth is dying slowly. Rise up in protest!”
71. “Say “NO" to plastic bags. Go green with your style statement.”
72. “The choice you make today determines your future.”